Fuel Automation System

Fuel Automation System

Cognizant Innovations has developed fuel monitoring solution with industrial grade equipment meeting the fuel industry requirements and safety standards. It provides complete automation solution from the purchase of fuel products to sale, inventory management, shift closing procedures, reconciliations, analysis and forecasting reports.

Our system will provides timely access and notification to the information you need to prevent losses to your product, increase your profits and reputation. We at CI have a team of experts ranging from Mechatronics engineer, computer systems engineers and software developers to support the system.

Solution Benefits

* Automating the fuel level monitoring

* Fuel critical level notification

* No manual checking required in the whole process hence minimizing theft

* Getting temperature and humidity level readings in tank

* 24/7 Monitoring of the system can be done remotely hence any issues in the whole system can be dealt in a timely manner

* Historical data stored for analysis and decision making

* Reliability of system increases by using such tool